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Investing made easy

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Round up on each payment and automatically invest your pocket change sustainably and gender-smart.

Empower your finances and money knowledge with ease in your day-to-day life

Did you know you could turn just 1 franc a day into over 1'200 francs in three years and over 12'000 francs in 20 years?

Dive deeper into the world of finance with round-up investing and first-class financial education by SmartPurse.

Investing made easy with the Kaspar&SmartPurse card

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Pay conveniently with your prepaid Mastercard

#2 Round-Up Change

Set any amount to round-up to automatically

#3 Create & Multiply

Grow your money by investing it sustainably and gender-smart

You don't have to be wealthy or read piles of books to invest. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn more about money by working with small amounts and make investing an effortless part of their daily life.

Olga Miler, Co-Founder SmartPurse

No complications - better advantages

  • Worldwide fee-free payment with interbank exchange rate
  • Sustainable and gender-smart investment with your change 
  • Regular financial knowledge, when you need it
  • Free account management and deposit protection up to CHF 100,000 with a Swiss bank (Hypothekarbank Lenzburg)
  • Transparent fees - no small print: free card & account, 0.95% fee on your investment
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The first card with inclusive financial education

The Kaspar&SmartPurse card not only allows you to invest your change automatically. You can also take advantage of our popular financial education, which gives you a step-by-step introduction to the world of finance and accompanies you on your way to financial freedom. 

Boost your knowledge

Learn through hands-on experience and tips from SmartPurse


Your change is invested automatically. No big calculations needed!


You invest in sustainable index funds and gender-smart ETFs

Could this be you?

"I have no experience with investing, and I'm scared to take the risk"

"I would like to invest, but I don't have enough money"

"I have limited time available to spend on my finances"

"I want my money to make a difference for climate and gender equality"

Our card is for everyone.

Whether you already know more about investing or you are just starting and want to gain experience with small amounts, we are here for you and look forward to welcoming you.


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How your money is invested

Due to the amounts, we created an investment universe with index funds and ETFs which is as sustainable as these products allow.

Index Equity Fund World ex CH Responsible

The fund replicates the MSCI World ex Switzerland Index using an optimized sampling method and only invests in companies that meet ESG criteria.

Index Equity Fund Emerging Markets Responsible

The fund is similar to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index and focuses on emerging markets.

Index Bond Fund Total Market AAA-BBB CHF Responsible FA CHF

The fund aims to replicate the return and risk characteristics of the reference index. In contrast to the reference index, ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) are taken into account, and exclusions and CO2e optimizations are made.

Index Bond Fund United States Government

The fund offers access to the largest government bond market in the world.

Index Real Estate Fund Responsible Swiss Commercial

Index with sustainability and CO2 reduction as a central criterion for action.

UBS ETF Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF

The index captures the international leaders in terms of gender equality.

Index Precious Metal Gold

Investments in gold are among the most stable and safest investments in the world. From a portfolio perspective, gold makes sense for your returns. However, if you do not want this for reasons of sustainability, you can remove gold from a portfolio in the Kaspar& app.

Frequently asked questions


Where will my money be invested in?

Your first 100 francs of pocket change will be transferred into your change portfolio. The rounded-p change will be invested in two opportunities: Index Equity Fund Switzerland Total Responsible and the Index Bond Fund Total Market AAA-BBB CHF.

Once you cross the 100 francs threshold, you can initiate individual investment goals and deposit money into these brackets monthly, once or flexibly. Tied to these investment goals are a combination of different investments in ETFs, real estate and funds selected according to sustainable and gender-sensitive principles.


What is included in the costs?

The Kaspar& SmartPurse card includes a free bank account including your credit card. The only fee you have to care about is a 0.95% fee on your investments. There is no fine print or other hidden fees or payments. 

The 0.95% fee is all-in. This includes the product costs, stamp duties, stock exchange fees, administration fees and foreign currency costs. Nothing else is added, and you don't have to do anything else with your tax statement.


Do I need a separate bank account to use the card?

Yes. When you register for the Kaspar& SmartPurse card you open an account with Hypotherkarbank Lenzburg quickly and easily in just a few minutes. The account is completely free of charge and includes a deposit guarantee of up to CHF 100,000. With the Kaspar& app you can always keep track of your account and check your progress at any time. 


Does the card also work if I have no money in my account?

No. The Mastercard prepaid card is a payment card with which you can only spend as much money as you have previously loaded onto the prepaid card.

The card can accompany you anywhere in the world where Mastercard cards are accepted - in the United Kingdom, in shops and on the Internet, for orders and when travelling - with worldwide fee-free payments with interbank exchange rates.


Can I fall into a debt trap with the card?

No. Even if you this Mastercard credit card, you can only spend your existing balance on the card. This way you are always in full control, you can't take on any unwanted debt or credit and you avoid the high interest rates of traditional credit cards. 


Can I invest in addition to the rounding amount?

Yes. You can easily set goals in the app and, for example, regularly deposit predefined contributions, which are then automatically invested according to your goals and needs.


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