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Money Courses from CHF 62.

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All courses are full of practical tips and actionable insight. Designed for beginners, intermediates & masters of money.

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Money School, CHF 6.58 a month.

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For every person who enrols in the full Money School experience, we donate 10 full-access accounts to vulnerable women via our charity partner, SafeLives.

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Whether you're a financial beginner, intermediate or expert, our courses are designed to help you build your financial confidence & freedom.

  • Money Fundamentals is a 3-week, live, instructor-led course taking you through the basics of money, budgeting, savings, pensions, and investing.
  • Our seminars are 2-3 hours of deep-diving into a specific topic with guest speakers; e.g., Crypto, Negotiation, Pensions, Taxes.
  • Our topic-led masterclasses will catapult you into an expert on the subject matter, you'll need some prior money knowledge to attend these courses.
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I've been looking for something exactly like this for ages, it's not easy to find the right online financial course. I think your Money School is wonderful, will recommend you everywhere.

Lia Nicole

Money School, 0 - 79CHF.

  • Master the art of budgeting, saving, investing sustainably, pensions, negotiating & so much more!
  • Learn to fit money into your lifestyle, not your lifestyle into money & become financially confident to enjoy money freedom.
  • Our first 8 lessons are free. Full access to Money School is only 79CHF per year.
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Money course, 19 - 200CHF.

  • Instructor-led courses full of practical tips and actionable insights!
  • Designed for beginners, intermediates & masters of money.
  • Live & on-demand interactive money courses.
  • All courses include knowledge-rich & practical checklists, calculators, quizzes, tests, live money Q&A access & more.
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