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The SmartPurse Money School App - Financial confidence in your pocket

Make financial freedom your reality with independent money education accessible on your phone or on the web.

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Revolutionising financial independence

We've been around as a unique and leading financial wellness platform, designed by women, useful for everyone. Our offer has always been jargon-free financial education, now available on our app with completely revamped educational content.

Boost your confidence

95% of course participants see improved confidence.

Learn from proven experts

94% of our users rate the content as 'very good' or 'excellent'.

Join the movement

90% of our users would recommend us to a friend.

Learn all about finance at your fingertips

Build your financial confidence step-by-step with bite-size, independent financial education and resources in just a few swipes. 

Learn everything from money mindset & negotiations, to budgeting and pensions, investments, cryptocurrencies and sustainability.

Finance content for all of life's important moments

Throughout the years of us teaching the way towards financial freedom we learned so much about what people want to know and struggle with in their life's.

We’re focused on closing the gender finance gaps, with content tailored towards the common life stages – so you can plan confidently for education, career changes, part- and full-time work, family needs and retirement. So no matter where you stand in life, we've got you covered!

Start building a happy relationship with money today & build your financial freedom. 

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Features you need

We want to pave a new way to learn about money here at SmartPurse. With our new app, you don't just get access to financial education, but so much more.

Inclusive Financial Education

80+ quick and informative lessons, with more content being added all the time following the most recent money trends

Learning Progress

Automatic progress updates to keep track of your lesson status, whether you’re learning in-app or via your desktop  

Financial Health Score

Measure your financial health and the progress you make with Smartpurse’s signature financial health quiz 


Sync your learning journey across all devices to learn anytime, anywhere you prefer

Financial Experts & Providers

Get access to and securely contact financial experts across the UK for 1:1 guidance

Money Tools

Save time (and money) with unique calculators and handy step-by-step checklists 


Learn how to get more from your money with lessons on sustainable investing, saving and maximising your income

Unique Community

Access to a supportive community, regular Q&As with leading experts, events and support on your money journey

Jargon Buster

Lead the way, beat the jargon and know what's up with our financial terms guide that helps you ‘speak bank’ with confidence

Finally I have taken my finances in hand and I am increasingly enjoying shaping my future!


Our most common asked questions.

What does the money school include?

Impartial financial education through 80+ quick and informative lessons, with more content being added all the time. You can choose whether you want to learn with the app or on the web.

When will the app be released?

We're currently moving closer and closer to the finish line and will start beta testing the app very soon with the final release being planned before summer. There will also be a UK and Swiss version of the app.

Who's behind SmartPurse?

SmartPurse was founded by Olga Miler and Jude Kelly. Jude is one of UK’s leading cultural practitioners and director of the WOW foundation. Olga is a leading innovator in financial services with 15+ years experience in sustainable investing and gender finance..

Can I also access the money school elsewhere?

The money school will be available at your fingertips on the app, but also on our web platform - where everything started. You can choose where and how you want to learn.

Do I have to pay for the app?

Everyone who signs up for the waitlist before the official release of our new app will receive 12 months free access to the app. For everyone else you can choose between a monthly or yearly membership.

Why should I trust you?

We're already around for a few years helping many people work towards financial freedom. On our website, you can a selection of our references, talks and events that we've organised and see for yourself.

I have been looking for something exactly like this for some time. It's not easy to find honest financial education in the online jungle, and finally, I have. I will recommend you everywhere. 

Lia Nicole

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What is there more to say? We're excited to welcome you on your financial journey. 

The app is available on the Apple App Store, but will soon be released to Android as well. 


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