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3 ways to boost your post-lockdown spending budget

Whether it’s already happened, or you’re still counting down the days, non-essential shops are beginning to open up around the world. In all the excitement of finally having a little more freedom, it can be easy to take a few days off from your budget and ‘treat yourself’ for the first time in a very (very) long time.

We fully support a treat or two, but with every day you ignore your budget, it gets harder to pick up where you left off. To help you out with the beginning of post-lockdown spending, here are three budget tips to take with you on your in-person shopping trips:


Plan beforehand.

This tip applies to any shopping trip. If you already know what you’re planning to buy, make a list, and have a look online to see what brands are offering deals. 

If you’re just planning to browse, then a list is a little more tricky. Instead, give yourself a minimum and a maximum spending amount to stick to. 

Why set a minimum spending amount?

By setting yourself a minimum spending amount, you’re also reinforcing that the maximum amount shouldn’t be exceeded. For many of us, money has been our biggest concern over lockdown, so by getting into the mindset of ‘I’m going to spend money, I’m allowed this treat’, you’ll be less likely to feel financially overwhelmed when you start shopping.


Get receipts.

Most shops are only accepting card payments at the moment, meaning you’ll have a list of all the transactions on your statement / online banking.

But make sure you also keep track of what you’re buying from shop to shop. Online shopping usually means a hundred different browser tabs left open across half a dozen different shops. You wouldn’t click ‘pay’ on one tab before looking at the others, right? So do the same along your local high street: if you want to buy a new dress at shop #1, but know you always find something you like at shop #2, leave it on the rack until you’ve seen all the options. 

Staying mindful of your purchases - with the aid of your minimum & maximum spending amounts means you can browse to your heart’s content without breaking your budget!


Clear your mind.

Money has caused more stress than ever over the last year. It can seem daunting to even be leaving the house without a set purpose, let alone to walk into a non-essential shop for ‘fun’. 

Let your budget serve as a safety net on these outings. Not only will it keep your spending in control, but it will also help you to plan & prepare for your trip, meaning you won’t be aimlessly walking around thinking of what else you wanted to buy.

Woman shopping for shoes

Returning to your favourite shops will be enjoyable, but as always, be safe!

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