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The SmartPurse Money Rally 2022

The SmartPurse Money Rally 2022

After more than a year of planning, it finally happened.

Attended by over 300 women ready to take their financial future into their own hands through various interactive and educational workshops and inspiring talks, the Money Rally was an event that no one involved will soon forget. 

With doors opening as early as 8:30am, participants relished warm croissants and coffee before starting their day journey learning more about their finances and exchanging with a like-minded community.

The day began with an exciting panel discussion led by the four experienced whizzes. Stefanie Knoll (presenter SRF Börse), Patrizia Laeri (business journalist), Céline Widmer (National Councillor & member of the State Policy Commission) and Alkistis Petropaki (CEO Advance), debating the ever-present 'Women & Finance' and highlighting why this topic is so important.

There was also an opportunity for everyone to get tips from financial bloggers with Barbara Luft (Bilanz editor), Angela Mygind (Financial blogger and Melanie Eugster (Trading Expert) before we broke out into several smaller groups to focus on issues most relevant to our participants. Everyone learned a ton about wage negotiations, sustainable investing, pensions, investing, new financial opportunities & crypto, money mindset and much more.

We can’t even begin to describe what a tremendous success this event was, and we’re sure that many will savour it for a while. You could see that everyone from us as the organisers to the attendees had a fabulous time accompanied by an indescribable and powerful energy. We were mesmerised to see such strong interest among women, ready to break the money taboo and finally start talking about financial matters without guilt or shame.

Cheering with prosecco at the end and talking about what we discovered, we all agreed on one thing: we can't wait for next year's 'Money Rally', so make sure to save the date: July 1st, 2023.

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